Robert Mason Scammer

Robert Mason | Scammer

917-747-4547 | Freehold NJ | Rentmen Tattooedmonster

Robert Mason | Scammer | Rentmen Tattooedmonster

This website is to educate and inform people about Robert Mason and how he is scamming people for money using Rentmen. His new # is 917-747-4547.
Rob Mason Scam Artist

Scammer’s Info

Name: Robert Mason
Old Phone Number: 908-670-6702
Location: Freehold, NJ
New Phone Number: 917-747-4547
kik: Savage291 

About Robert Mason’s Scam

On April 26th 2016.  I contacted “Tattooedmonster” via his profile on Rentmen. His name is Robert Mason aka Robbie Mason, and I was told by him through text message from his phone number 908-670-6702 (his new phone number is: 917-747-4547) to send him $150 in advance as a deposit for his “services”. He provides various adult services. He is a male prostitute and he advertises himself on Rentmen.  I took a risk trusting him. I paid him $150 via Paypal (, as family and friends as he instructed me to do, multiple times), which cannot be disputed by Paypal.  He took my money and never did anything.  I am sure I am not alone being victimized by this scam artist.  I am sure there has to be hundreds of other people he is victimizing online.

Timeline of Events

Initial Contact

Through Rentmen

April 26th 2016

I first initiated contact with Robert Mason through his profile “Tattooedmonster” via Rentmen. He asked me via text message from his phone number 908-670-6702 (his new phone number is: 917-747-4547) to send him $150 through PayPal ( as deposit for his ‘adult services’.  And to send his as family and friends, which cannot be disputed.

Follow Up Contact

By Text Message

May 2016

After waiting several weeks of waiting. Robert Mason told me that he was too busy. He offered to give me a refund via PayPal.  He told me to ‘dispute’ it via PayPal. But I reminded him that was not possible because he asked me to send the payment as ‘family as friends’ per his instructions. I asked him multiple times when he was going to refund me, and I never got any response by him anymore. His old number was 908-670-6702, his new number is 917-747-4547.

Final Contact

Text Message

End of May 2016

After threatening to go to the police about his scam. Robert Mason sent me numerous text messages (908-670-6702), (his new phone number is: 9177474547) telling me that he enjoyed taking my money. He said he had a ‘steak dinner’. He was very angry and condescending towards me. He called me various vulgar and derogatory names such as ‘faggot’ etc.  Robbie Mason has a hatred towards gays and is extremely homophobic and anti-gay, which is obvious by reading his texts.   See the attached screenshots below for the evidence of his scam.

Evidence Of Robert Mason's Scam

Him Asking To Be Paid via PayPal


Me Sending The Paypal


Him Saying He Will Refund Me


His Derogatory Messages | 917-747-4547

Old Number 908-670-6702

More Evidence Of Robbie Mason's Scam

His Facebook

His Facebook  He trouts around as a model by day, and scams people by night

His Car

He Likes To Show Off his Car. I can just imagine how many people he scammed to get it

His Money

And he loves to show off his money.  How many people were victimized by him to get that?

His Rentmen

His Rentmen profile  Tattooedmonster. His front for scamming people. His new # is 917-747-4547


Him telling me he used my money to buy a steak dinner. Total scam artist!

Robbie Mason on The Dirty Website

Here is Robbie Mason exposed on the website “The Dirty” which just confirms how much of a scammer and lowlife criminal he truly is.

Upon Further Investigation

Upon further investigation. It looks like Robert Mason works as a “Silver Model Management” model based out of New York City. I wonder if the owners Michael Lyons, and Adam Silver are away that he is a known scammer and criminal. See the attached screenshots for proof.  I hope Michael Lyons, and Adam Silver and anyone else who runs the Silver Model Management agency can think twice before hiring a known scammer.  I would imagine that no client would want to work or be associated with someone who is actively scamming people on the internet.

Silver Model Management

Robbie Mason is employed by “Silver Model Management” in New York City. I wonder if they are aware that he is a scammer?

Silver Model

Robert Mason’s Instagram page showing that he works as a model

Michael Lyons - Silver Model Management

This is Michael Lyons, one of the owners of “Silver Model Management” in New York City that employs Robert Mason. Do you think he is aware of all of the scams Robbie Mason is doing without him knowing? I hope that he is aware that what he is doing is wrong.

Final Conclusion

Robert Mason Scammer

I am taking this as lesson learned. I am only lost $150. But I am sure plenty of other people are losing hundreds, or thousands getting scammed by Robert Mason (aka Robbie Mason). He lives in the Freehold NJ Area. His phone number is 9177474547. He makes money taking advantage of people. Hustling people out of there hard earned money and he steals money from people who think he is a male escort when in reality it’s just a front by him to steal money from unsuspecting innocent people.  I already notified the Freehold Township Police, and the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s office about his scam, and I hope they take this criminal to justice!

If YOU have been scammed and victimized by Robert Mason aka Robbie Mason. Please use the form below to get in contact with me. I want to use this website not just as a warning to potential victims, but to also share other people’s stories as well.  If we can come together united. We can take action against him and show him that it’s not right to scam people and get away with it. Justice will be served.

Contact Me

Have You Been Scammed by Robert Mason?

Please use the form here to contact me if you’ve been scammed by Robert Mason aka Robbie Mason. We can all stand united against him, and justice will be served.


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